Creative Cities Institute (CCI)

How do cities become engines of imagination and creation?
Over half the global population currently lives in urban areas, with the figure projected to reach nearly 70% by 2050. While cities present possibilities for sustainable living, enhanced quality of life and rapid innovation, they simultaneously pose myriad social, cultural and environmental challenges.


As the leading creative center in Central Asia, Almaty is a hub of cultural, artistic and entrepreneurial creation. Narxoz CCI strives to further cement this status, while promoting ongoing dialogue and outreach to develop related research and share insights into what constitutes a successful model for successful 21st century cities.

Affiliated faculty

Dr. Gregory Dunn

Technology and Innovation; Strategy

Dr. Anjan Ghosh

Social Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Dr. Madina Subalova


Dr. John Sweeney

Future Studies

Dr. Nergis Aziz


CCI pursues work in the following areas:

  • Interdisciplinary research into leadership, creativity, innovation, future cities and design
  • Knowledge sharing opportunities among government officials, leading artists, researchers and universities
  • Integration of core Narxoz initiatives entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship; technology and innovation; data analytics and smart cities and the broader liberal arts program into framework for policy and practical impact
  • Cooperation across Narxoz departments and external universities to create novel academic courses, support student research and promote experiential learning opportunities

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Qazaq Futures Institute