EMBA Program – NBS

Narxoz Business School EMBA Program

Design Your Future as a leading global business executive


The NBS EMBA program is designed for executives seeking to lead their organizations to new heights. Graduates are prepared to surf the tsunami of technological and social change while keeping their organizations at the forefront of global leadership.


  • Ability to study while maintaining leadership position within an organization
  • Courses conducted by the best Kazakhstan and foreign business executives and academics with experience consulting and working with senior leadership
  • Networking opportunities and ability to meet fellow leaders in business from different industries
  • Flexible modular format allows executives to put knowledge into practice in their workplace


  • Language of instruction: Russian or English
  • Training format: modular instruction. Students take 15 intensive, three-day modules once per month, with additional required assignments and preparation outside of class
  • Program duration: 1 year, 75 ECTS
  • Graduates receive a state-certified Narxoz Business School EMBA degree
  • Program includes individual career coaching session by experienced headhunter and executive placement consultant
  • Graduates receive a certificate from a foreign university for their week-long international residency module at one of several NBS partner institutions


Russian-language program

2,625,000 tenge 1 ECTS - 35,000 tenge

for the entire period of study (not inclusive of the week-long residency abroad)

English-language program

3,525,000 tenge 1 ECTS - 47,000 tenge

for the entire period of study (not inclusive of the week-long residency abroad)

* Flexible payment options available


  • Prerequisites: bachelor’s degree in any subject and 5+ years management experience
  • Entrance exam
  • Interview


  • Notarized copy of bachelor’s degree
  • For students from Kazakhstan, a copy of a student’s workbook, certified by place of work
  • Copies of ID and passport
  • Four 3×4 cm photos
  • Personal statement
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Medical certificate

* Documents are accepted until July 31, inclusive


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    STEP 1: Coursework

    • Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership
    • Managerial Communication and Influence
    • Business Analytics
    • Strategic Management
    • Business Research
    • Micro and Behavioral Economics for Executives
    • Social Responsibility in Global Business
    • Operations Strategy and Logistics
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Fundamentals of Managerial and Financial Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Futures Thinking and Scenario Planning
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    STEP 2: EMBA Capstone

    • Case-based EMBA capstone project