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Executive MBA

Narxoz Business School – Recognized leader for its innovative approach to effective business education in Central Asia. Famous politicians, successful leaders of large companies and holdings, and public figures have graduated from our school.

Narxoz Business School

Leader in Business Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Program Application

This program will suit you if you fit the below profiles:

Company Owner
Board Member

Program Outcomes

You will be able to develop systemic view as well as business process and project management skills
You will receive a certificate from a foreign university for the week-long international residency module at one of several NBS partner institutions
You will receive a state-certified Narxoz Business School EMBA degree
You can get an individual career consultation with an experienced headhunter and executive placement consultant

Program Benefits


Innovative Approach

The latest curriculum, developed on the basis of best practices from leading educational institutions in North America and other countries

Practical Education

The EMBA program takes into account international and Kazakhstani realities, and makes extensive use of cases and materials from traditional and modern business practices

World-class instructors

The EMBA program is conducted not only by experts and academic theorists, but also by successful practitioners. Instructors have extensive experience in creating and managing a business or consulting for large Kazakhstan and international companies

Networking and Peer Learning

Students receive a full-fledged platform for networking and exchanging experiences with peers, and have interpersonal and business interactions with representatives of business and government at both the local and international level

Program Outline

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    Step 1: Coursework

    • Organization Leadership and Influence
    • Micro and Behavioral Economics for Executives
    • Macroeconomics and the Global Economy
    • Fundamentals of Managerial and Financial Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Social Responsibility in Global Business
    • Operations Strategy and Logistics
    • Business Research
    • Business Analytics
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Strategic Management
    • Futures Thinking and Scenario Planning
    • + 3 Modules on Concentration
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    Step 2: International Module

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    Step 3: EMBA Capstone

    • Industry Internship
    • Case-based EMBA capstone project

Program Details

Program Format

  • Modular Instruction , 15 modules (12 months)
  • On-the-job
  • Duration of study – 1 year
  • International Residency Module
  • Internship, Dissertation

Program Schedule

  • 3-day intensive classes every 3 weeks with additional assignments and materials for study outside of classes

Language of Instruction

  • English or Russian

Investing in a leader’s education is the key to business success!

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NBS Dean’s Message

Continuing to lead the fast-paced digital economy and also building on tradition, NBS takes creative and innovative approaches to develop new cutting-edge programs. Students at NBS receive both knowledge and skills for solving the challenges of the future, as well as the opportunity to apply the acquired skills to change and improve Central Asia and other regions.

Discover your possibilities and fulfill your dreams with us. Build your future with NBS.


Dean, Narxoz Business School

Our Instructors

Our Business School houses some of the best instructors not only in Kazakhstan but also globally

Dr. John A. Sweeney

Dr. John A. Sweeney

Award-winning author, designer and futurist. As a practitioner, consultant, and educator, Dr. Sweeney organized, managed, and conducted seminars, multi-stakeholder projects, and foresight systems in more than 40 countries on six continents.


Asylbek Nurgabdeshov

Asylbek Nurgabdeshov - Director Of The Center For HR Research, Professor Researcher, Business Consultant

He is the author of many scientific papers in the field of business administration and was awarded an honorary letter from the President for the publication of scientific papers.


Kozin Valery Aleksandrovich

PhD, author of 16 articles in scientific journals.

Since 2002 – teaching in the universities of Kazakhstan and China.
Doing business (Project Management), strategic management, operations management. Marketing Management. Marketing research. Organization of controlling in the enterprise (BSC).

Admissions Requirements

Executive MBA Program
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject and management experience of at least five years
  • Entrance examination
  • Personal application (fill out here)
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Personal interview

* Documents are accepted until August 20 inclusive