Tourism and Hospitality – NBS

B.A. Specialization in Tourism and Hospitality

About the program

This program is for active, purposeful, sociable people who love traveling, who can make decisions in a timely manner and want to open their own business and be successful in tourism and hospitality (restaurant, hotel, travel agency, etc.). The program harmoniously combines theory with practice, focuses on business aspects of the hospitality industry and covers a wide variety of topics: from finance and marketing to culinary theory and management of hotel and tourism business.

What to expect:

  • lectures and master classes from famous practitioners of the tourism and hospitality industry and international partners
  • international internships and internships in tourism centers
  • additional diploma certificates to improve your competitiveness in the labor market
  • work in the laboratory of restaurant business
  • hiking with full tourist equipment, excursions to nature and industrial facilities

Our faculty members cover the key competencies necessary for you to deeply understand the industry’s structure, will teach you to think creatively and make innovative decisions.

Students will be able to analyze impacts of the tourism industry on the economic, socio- cultural and physical environment and develop strategies aimed at sustainable development of the industry and high-quality customer service.

Upon the graduation you will be able to:

  • conduct research and analysis of the tourism and hospitality market, as well as business processes to create a successful competitive enterprise
  • develop a high-quality and innovative tourist product / service and a range of hospitality services
  • manage processes of providing high quality services to consumers
  • open your own enterprise / business, develop its strategy and consistently achieve the implementation of goals and objectives
  • manage employees of tourism and hospitality enterprises, forming a corporate culture aimed at forming a cohesive team

Upon the graduation you can start your career in:

  • in the field of socio-cultural service
  • in the field of organization management
  • in hotels
  • in travel companies
  • in the field of organizing events of various sizes

About the program curriculum


  • Business Quantitative Methods
  • Managerial Economics
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Principles of Finance
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Corporate Governance and Law
  • Futures Studies and Foresight


  • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industries
  • Managing Organizations in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Service Operations and Delivering Quality
  • Consumer Behaviour in Hospitality and Tourism


  • Revenue Management, Control and Planning
  • Compliance and Safety in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Cultural Heritage and Cross Cultural Management
  • Digital Technologies, Innovation and e-Tourism
  • MICE and Event Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Economics
  • Destination Management and Community Tourism
  • Eco-Tourism and Active Tourism Management
  • Food and Beverage Tourism
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Tourism


Students at their third and forth year can use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice by doing
internships in various companies and in the final Diploma project, following one of the 3 directions:
  1. Consulting project for local startup or tech enterprise
  2. Research thesis supervised by experienced professors of Narxoz University
  3. Case study or creative startup project