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Tourism and Hospitality (MSc, MA)

About the program

This program is for active, creative, purposeful, people who are constantly looking for development opportunities, who can make decisions in a timely manner and successfully manage tourism and hospitality organizations. The program combines theory, practice and research methods, focuses on business aspects of the hospitality industry and covers a wide variety of topics: from finance, operations management and strategic marketing to quality management of products and services of hospitality industry and lux management specifications. Scientific and pedagogical track also considers recent trends in education of new generation and also focuses on research methodologies in the hospitality and tourism market and publishing scientific papers and articles.

What to expect:

  • lectures and master classes from famous practitioners of the tourism and hospitality industry and international partners
  • internships in tourism centers
  • trips to the best hospitality destinations (5-star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies)

Our faculty members cover the key competencies necessary for you to deeply understand the industry’s structure and business administration, will teach you to think creatively and make innovative decisions. Master students will be able to do research of the hospitality market, analyze impact of the tourism industry on economic, socio-cultural and physical environment and develop strategies aimed at the sustainable development of the industry and the management of high-quality quality service.

Upon the graduation you will be able to:

  • conduct research and analysis of the tourism and hospitality market and business processes
  • manage the development processes of high-quality and innovative travel products / services and a range of hospitality services
  • manage the processes of service and products development with a focus on high service
  • open your own enterprise / business, develop its strategy, successfully manage it and achieve your goals and objectives
  • manage the personnel of the enterprise and create a corporate culture aimed at forming a cohesive team

Curriculum of scientific and pedagogical track, MSc (2 years)

Curriculum for professional track, MA (1,5 year)

Program Details

Language: Russian, Kazakh
Delivery mode: Evening + Saturday whole day