Program Directors – NBS

Finance faculty


Ainagul Adambekova

Chair of the Finance Faculty

Ainagul Adambekova serves as Chair of the Finance Faculty at the Narxoz Business School. She has a doctorate in Economic Science as well as DipIFR and CIB professional certificates. Ainagul has authores 180 publications, including 14 textbooks and monographs. She has been awarded the Laureate of State Prize, the Laureate Gold Medal named after A. Baytyrsynov, and the Best Teacher of Kazakhstani Universities in 2006, 2007, and 2010. In addition to being an accredited expert in the field of research and higher education organizations, Ainugul has extensive experience in the banking system in Kazakhstan.

International Programs in accounting, audit and taxation (ACCA accredited)


Sedep Mirzhakypova

Director of the International Accounting, Audit and Taxation Program

Sedep Mirzhakypova serves as Director of the International Accounting and Audit Program, which is accredited by ACCA, at the Narxoz Business School. Sedep has a doctorate in Economic Science. She is an honorary educational worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an expert of the specialized accreditation commission of the IAAR, a member of PhD dissertation council, a laureate of the International and National Competitions for Scientific Research USAID, and works with the Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan.

Accounting faculty


Aigul Dzhondelbaeva

Chair of the Accounting Faculty

Aigul Dzhondelbaeva serves as Chair of the Accounting Faculty at the Narxoz Business School. She has a PhD in Finance from Narxoz University. Aigul holds her bachelor degree in Accounting and Audit from the Kazakh Management Academy. She holds Professional Accountant, CAP and DipIFR (АССА) professional certificates. She has been working at Narxoz University since 1999.

Management faculty


Madina Subalova

Chair of Management Faculty

Madina Subalova serves as a Chair of Management Faculty and a Research Fellow at the Narxoz Business School. She holds a MSc in Marketing and PhD in Business Management from the University of East Anglia in the UK. Prior to joining Narxoz, Madina lectured at both the University of East Anglia and Kazakh-British Technical University. She is involved in research on microfinance organizations and its impact on the formalization process of entrepreneurs. Madina has also recently lately expanded her research interests to include social entrepreneurship and cluster formation processes in Kazakhstan.

Tourism and service faculty


Elena Abenova

Chair of the Tourism and Service Faculty

Elena Abenova serves as Chair of the Tourism and Service Faculty at Narxoz University since 2012. She previously taught in the Tourism, Marketing, and Commerce Departments. As a passionate member of Rums, Elena has a wide range experience in developing and testing educational programs for tourism, hotel, and restaurant businesses in Kazakhstan.  Since 2015, Elena has been an active pioneer and expert in IAAR, professional tourism, and HoReCa associations such as KTA and KAGIR. Elena specializes in education management, teaching methods, and innovative forms of education for tourism and HoReCa spheres. She is an author of more than 30 scientific and methodological articles and five educational textbooks.

Marketing faculty

Nergis Aziz

Chair of Marketing

Nergis Aziz serves as a Chair of Marketing and as an Associate Professor at the Narxoz Business School. She received her bachelor`s degree from Istanbul University and master`s degree as well as PhD, which is in Marketing, from Marmara University. She has teaching experience in both the United States and Turkey. Nergis’s research interests include social media, destination branding, and entrepreneurial marketing.

HR Institute


Dr. Assylbek Nurgabdeshov

Research Professor and Director of the Narxoz HR Research Center

Dr. Assylbek Nurgabdeshov is a Research Professor and Director of the Narxoz HR Research Center. He holds PhD in Strategic Management and International Business from the University of Sheffield, UK, an MBA degree from Istanbul Sehir University. Prior to joining Narxoz, he held various leadership roles at  Suleyman Demirel University, Almaty Management University, and Kazakh British Technical University. He also served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Leicester in the UK, Champagne School of Management, Groupe ESC Troyes in France, and Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) in Latvia.  His research papers are published/forthcoming in journals such as  Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Journal of Knowlegde Management.  He is a member of Steering Committee of Central and East European Chapter, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), United Nations.