Dean’s Office – NBS

Maira Zharylkasinova

Associate Dean of Academics
Maira Zharylkasinova is an Associate Dean of Academics at the Narxoz Business School where she also serves as an Associate Professor. She holds a candidate of economic science degree from Narxoz University, as well as DipIFR (АССА) and CAP professional certificates. Maira completed her BA in Accounting and Auditing at Kyzylorda Politechnical University. She is a Bolashak Fellow (University of Leiden, the Netherlands) and runs a business focusing on business accounting services.

Yelena Krupina

Associate Dean of Administration
Yelena Krupina serves as an Associate Dean of Administration at the Narxoz Business school. Prior to joining Narxoz University, Yelena worked as the Head of Graduate Programs and also as a Lecturer at Kazakh-British Technical University. Yelena was the Manager of Graduate Programs and administrative capacities at KIMEP University. She also holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance from KIMEP University. Currently, Yelena is completing her DBA at Narxoz University. As a seasoned administrator, she brings years of experience in launching, management and accreditation of bachelor, master and doctoral business programs.

Anna Nagornova

Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Anna Nagornova serves as Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance at the Narxoz Business School. She completed her masters degree at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in South Korea. Anna’s work for research institutes combines knowledge and experiences from both the private and public sector.  She previously worked at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) as a Strategic Development Officer, utilizing creative capabilities as an administrator, researcher, and instructor.

Maral Toktarbay

Academic coordinator
Maral Toktarbay serves as an academic coordinator at the Narxoz Business School. In 2017, she received a master’s degree in international law and worked in the field of international cooperation.

Aigerim Dzhunusbekova

Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Aigerim Dzhunusbekova serves as Coordinator of Graduate Programs at the Narxoz Business School and joined the university in 2011. She received her MS in Management from Narxoz University.