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Marketing (MSc)

About the program

Marketing is a dynamic and exciting area of business studies. In is an ever-growing industry where the professionals with Master’s degree are sought after, especially those who are able to manage marketing activities and competitive advantages through modern innovative approaches and digital technologies utilization in a turbulent environment, both on the national and global level. 

Perhaps you have spent years exploring market conditions and identifying new business directions, however you may have been experiencing a sense of stagnation and longing for new changes in your life. For many of you, the solution of this problem is career growth or a shift of your career to related fields. In today’s business world, career growth requires a competitive education to meet the ever-growing needs of organizations’ top management. To speed up the resolution of these problems, many professionals return to University to earn a Master of Economics degree in marketing. The master’s program examines advanced marketing concepts and the best business cases of marketing management, ranging from brand management and sales to digital marketing and product development. Additionally, after graduating the this Narxoz Business School’s Master’s degree you will be able to enroll in the PhD program

What to expect:

  • lectures and master classes from well-known marketing practitioners and foreign partners 
  • examining the best marketing practices through foreign and domestic business cases, situational tasks and role-playing games 
  • writing projects, based on your own marketing research 
  • gaining experience of international business and marketing management within multinational and global companies 
  • individual career coaching and leadership skills development 
  • a successful career with good compensation in one of the most dynamic and creative areas of the business administration 
  • development of research skills and opportunities to build a career as an instructor at a higher education institution

Upon the graduation you will be able to:

  • Conduct marketing research of domestic and global market structures 
  • Manage consumer behavior, customer loyalty, and stakeholder loyalty based on an insight of their psychology 
  • Manage innovation marketing 
  • Develop comprehensive promotion strategies in combination with new media and digital technologies 
  • Manage digital marketing, e-commerce, logistics and sales 
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies, meeting changing needs of the company and its consumers 
  • Manage the company’s competitive advantages based on the principles of sustainable marketing in order to develop its international potential and enter the global market


As a graduate of the master’s program in marketing, you will be able to build a successful career in various sectors of the economy, from international giants to entrepreneurial start-ups; in particular, you will be able to work in:

  • Marketing department in foreign and domestic companies that operate either the public, or private, or non-profit sectors 
  • Marketing, Advertising, Consulting, Digital, PR agencies 
  • Engage in entrepreneurial activities and develop your own business

Internship and master's thesis

According to the curriculum, graduate students are expected to conduct pedagogical internship at the University according to their major during their 1st year of study. As well as during the 2nd year of study, graduate students are expected to have a research internship within an operating organization, which will then be an object of research for the Master’s thesis

Program Details

Language  Russian, Kazakh 

Duration: 2 years (scientific and pedagogical degree)

Possibility to apply for a PhD