Marketing and PR Management – NBS

Double Degree in Marketing and PR Management with Coventry University, UK

Design Your Future as a marketing manager, PR specialist or consultant capable of crafting the image and vision matching your organization’s output with evolving customer needs.


Narxoz-Coventry Double Degree program graduates in Marketing and PR Management are prepared to connect and reflect the best of their organizations to the needs and wants of consumers. In roles as consultants, managers or PR specialists, graduates are prepared to tailor products, services and the image of their organizations to market needs and a wide array of stakeholders. NBS Marketing and PR Management students undertake an action- and practice-oriented program that hones their ability to meet the needs of 21st century organizations demanding creative and skilled PR and marketing specialists.

Graduates can work on local and global arenas

SMEs and Multinationals
Graduates are well prepared to perform marketing and PR roles in organizations ranging from developing startups to mature multinationals. They are the specialists who transform raw ideas into products of tangible value in the market, carrying the success and image of the team on  their shoulders.
  • Marketing specialists
  • PR professionals
  • SMM managers
Research Institutes, Government Agencies and Nonprofit Agencies
With their interdisciplinary background and training in research skills in PR and marketing, graduates are prepared to work in research roles for public or private organizations. Government and nonprofit agencies increasingly demand PR and marketing specialists who can help promote, lobby for and champion their agency, charity or political initiative.
  • PR activities for NGOs
  • Public Relations for government agencies
  • Lobbying and promotion
PR and Marketing Consultancies
The Marketing and PR Management program prepares students to work across disciplines and with individuals of diverse backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on communication and leadership. With a broad range of skill sets and rich practical and theoretical knowledge, graduates are able to provide consulting and advisory services to public and private organizations seeking to build a market for their products or improve their image.
  • Marketing and PR consultants
  • Marketing and PR advisors
  • Brend managers


  • Get 2 diplomas from Narxoz University and Coventry University within 4 years
  • Global Career Opportunites: upon graduation from Coventry University you will have the right to seek employment in the UK or continue onto master’s degree studies
  • Internship in the UK
  • Coventry Summer Program after second year at Narxoz University
  • Spend 3 years at Narxoz University, Almaty and final year at Coventry University, the UK
  • Incubation hub and exchange opportunities allowing for close interaction with foreign and local entrepreneurs, students and professors



  • International Management
  • Performance Management
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Brand Management
  • Global Marketing Strategy


  • Summer Program at Coventry University in year two
  • Internship in Kazakhstan in year three
  • International Internship in year four


In their fourth year at Coventry University, all students are required to complete and pass a Diploma Project and an online defense. Senior students have several options to put the skills they have acquired to the test:

  • Marketing or PR consulting project for a startup, regional or multinational enterprise, working with experienced mentors from industry
  • Research thesis supervised by experienced mentors at Narxoz and Coventry
  • Case study or creative startup project

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