Our Dean – NBS

Davlatbek Abduvaliev


Dean’s Message

Dear friends,

We have lived, and likely will live, in interesting times. The pace of change we have seen is unprecedented and is yet to reach its peak. Our world is dynamically growing complex, unknown and vague. 

How do you succeed in such environments? You must be agile and adaptive. You must see a bigger picture and connect the dots. You must be able to screen information and learn quickly. You must build solid fundamental knowledge and professional aptitudes. You must attain emotional resilience and hone behavioral skills. 

In NarXoz Business School we endeavor to build and uphold a culture to cultivate the above attitude to learning, growing and operating. We maintain a hub, where you, the influencers, meet to create, enrich and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. And we welcome such researchers, educators and learners from all around the world. 

To enable this enterprise, we design and develop future-oriented and agility-building multilingual business curriculum in the undergraduate, graduate and executive programs. We also operate research institutes and business case centers to advance business knowledge and blend the academia with the industry.

In doing so we continuously advance the quality, infrastructure and talent to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and contribution to the humanity’s development.

I cordially welcome you to explore opportunities with us. Please surf through our web site and social network accounts to learn about our proposals, programs and people, and stay in touch with us.


Davlat Abduvali.