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Management (MSc)

About the program

Do you know what you want from the future? If you are ambitious, want to become a sought after professional and to be able to compete in the labor market, then you are making the right choice by starting “Management” master’s degree program. Additionally, after graduating the this Narxoz Business School’s Master degree you will be able to enroll in the PhD program, 

Our program trains professionals in business administration, and management consulting fields. You will acquire skills of theory application, organizational management principles and methods, as well as making complex decisions. These skills and competencies are necessary and essential fora modern capable manager. 

These professional competences build up the background for successful management and management consulting career: development of organization’s operating and strategic plans, organizational performance measurements, human resources management, designing information and operating systems, project management, establishing and/or growing business, developing entrepreneurship, marketing campaigns and other interesting business areas. 

The degree provides good opportunities to acquire the necessary skills and competencies: data analysis and dealing with large quantities of information, solving non-standartized tasks, developing managerial skills, and ability to  discus and to find a common ground in a foreign language within an environment with diverse cultures and worldviews. 

What to expect:

  • the program trains managers who can effectively use the opportunities of the global market and manage international projects;
  • individual learning trajectory; being able to chose from number of different courses within trajectory;
  • implementation of a competency-based approach to the learning process;
  • development and justification of socio-economic measures for diverse types of organizations, and tools to calculate them; evaluating the effectiveness of projects by taking into account the uncertainty;
  • search, analysis and evaluate the sources of information for effectiveness measures;
  • analysis of organizational structures and management approaches; suggesting and developing their possible improvements
  • It is possible to obtain a certificate of CMC ® (Kazakhstan Chamber of management consultants, CMC Kazakhstan).

Upon the graduation you will be able to:

  • develop strategies for the growth of organizations by applying consulting management methodology, whereas considering the organizational operations as an intergrated system embedded within the business environment
  • plan operational stages, make non-standard decisions, assess their consequences and take into account risks, use critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative methods, use advanced analytical skills;
  • to be the leader of the organization, who would be able to develop an effective strategy considering opportunities and risks, as well as adjusting strategies according to changes in external environment, applying the latest concepts, paradigms and theoretical advancements in the functional areas of management, marketing and data analytics;
  • effectively manage internal resources to achieve the organization’s strategic goals and maintain business social responsibility (and ensure social justice);
  • identify the need for change in the organization and manage the behavior and effective/rational use of human resources to adapt the changes 
  • create a diverse teams and manage their work to achieve strategic goals, develop and implement new processes in the organization.


The program trains top and middle managers and management consultants, who are able to make non-standardized complex decisions and develop organizational strategies in a rapidly changing business environment, as well as those who will have leadership qualities, ethical standards and social responsibility.

 Career paths can be very different: 

      • independent consultants
      • public administration professionals; 
      • non-profit organizations professionals;
      • commercial sector and international companies’ managers;
      • small and medium-sized owners; 
      • manager in the field of contingency planning and crisis management; 
      • project manager.

Internship and master's thesis

According to the curriculum, graduate students are expected to conduct pedagogical internship at the University according to their major during their 1st year of study. As well as during the 2nd year of study, graduate students are expected to have a research internship within an operating organization, which will then be an object of research for the Master’s thesis

Program Details

Language  Russian, Kazakh 

Duration: 2 years (scientific and pedagogical degree)

Possibility to apply for a PhD 

The program was developed jointly with the Kazakhstan chamber of consultants, CMC Kazakhstan